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Kids can only access websites, games, pictures, and videos approved by KidZui
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We can’t think about internet without a browser. There are lots of popular browsers available on the internet. And the most popular browsers are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. These browsers are designed for us, adults, and these are not safe for our kids. So how a kid can surf the internet without these browsers? The simple answer is KidZui browser. KidZui is the browser especially designed and developed for 3-12 year age group kids. I think KidZui browser is the only browser available on the internet which is especially and specifically designed and developed for kids. It has a very attractive, graphical and animated user interface which will surely impress you and your kids. KidZui is a browser which allows your kids to surf more then 800,000 websites, pictures and videos. And all these websites, pictures and videos are reviewed by parents and teachers. So it means your kids can surf the internet safely and independently. Your kids can not open websites other then the listed reviewed sites in the KidZui database. Not only this KidZui also create free account of each kid and their parent, and KidZui continuously track your kid activity on the KidZui browser and send weekly report to their parent’s email box.

Manoj Goel
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Review summary


  • Freeware
  • Excellent graphical and animated interface
  • More then 800,000 websites, pictures and videos in safe list
  • Track kid’s activity and send weekly report via email to parents


  • System requirement is high
  • Requires very high speed internet connection
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